MultiCharts "Special Edition" for FREE - No Platform Fees!

Thanks, Fellow Trader. 

Two Version of the Software Available:

MultiCharts 12 - 32-bit - Download or 64-bit Version - Download

AMP's FREE Version of MultiCharts is limited to LIVE accounts only.
Funded Accounts can use AMP's FREE Version in LIVE or Unlimited Paper Trading (DEMO) Mode

Please Watch the Video Below - How learn how to use your LIVE AMP Account to trade in both LIVE or Unlimited, Continuous Paper Trading (DEMO) Mode.

If you do not have a LIVE, Funded Account with AMP - Here are your available options:

  1. Open Live Trading Account at AMP - fund with minimum $100 - New Account Application >
  2. Try MultiCharts Full Version - they offer 30 day trial (paid after trial) - Sign up > 
  3. Use any of our other 40+ Available trading platforms - See Full Platform List > 

We want to make sure you get the software installed and up and running as quickly and easily as possible.  If any time during this process you would like assistance, please contact our 24 hour help desk and we will help get you set up and give you a one-on-one walk-through, so you are ready to fully use all the features of AMP's FREE MultiCharts.



Learn MultiCharts Video Series - Self-Paced Learning - Watch Now>>